Why Everyone Must Have a Twitter Profile

Social media is an interactive web-based technology that allows anyone to share or view a variety of content. Different social platforms create different ways of communication between individuals or organizations. Social media is a platform for increasing or maintaining communication, for receiving general or specific knowledge, for staying updated about what is going on all over the globe and also for earning.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most famous social application used by 126 million people daily. It is a site basically for micro-blogging. Blogging has gained the interest of people all over the world lately. A blog is mainly a website page run by a single or even multiple persons. In a blog, you can talk about anything, whether it be the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the makeup you apply or maybe something about serious scenarios going around you.

How does it work?

In the app Twitter, if you post anything it will be known as a tweet. Just like some of the other social applications, if you want to stay updated to someones else’s feed you simply follow their feed and anything they post/tweet will start appearing on your feed. If you want to tweet a specific person you have to put the symbol @ before their username. If you want to share someone’s tweet with your followers that are known as ‘tweep’ a twitter slang which means retweeting.


Why is it so popular?

Previously, most of the information of high profile people including big stars, celebrities, singers and famous politicians, was concealed from the ordinary people but now almost everyone is using twitter and other social applications.

So to stay in touch with what’s going on with their life, people keep opening the twitter app every spare minute. This has become so popular among the young as they can have access to their favorite celebrity’s life whenever they want. It is popular because it suits the modern and swift people of this era. It is an uncomplicated app, very easy to use and habit forming.

Why everyone must have it?

Twitter is a treasure house of information. It helps young people to expand the circle of their knowledge. Many users retweet some interesting and informative articles that help broaden people’s information. Secondly, when someone tweets, it can be seen by thousands of people just within seconds. If someone, for instance, has been a victim of serious oppression and tweets about it, within second thousands of people can stand in support of that person.

This is how strong and powerful the app is. It provides every information to its users within no time so that everyone can stay aware of the recent news. Furthermore, the app is easily accessible. It can be easily downloaded on smartphones, tablets, iPads so you can use it whenever you want. One of the most interesting features of Twitter is that it allows you to write your tweet up to 140 characters only. That means you don’t have to read a hundred world long essays. People are forced to get to the point and not drag around what they actually want to say.

In this modern era of people with swift pace, having a Twitter profile is more advantageous so that you can stay aware of the news of not only your surroundings but also 1000 miles away, around the world.

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