Tips to Improve Video Engagement by “TALKING HEAD” STYLE OF VIDEO

Talking head videos are more engaging and versatile.  For example, talking head video in the about page and a few videos where you are just explaining an abstract concept. You can also choose to use talking head video for 10-20 seconds before a presentation or a screencast or infomovie video. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t fret, we’ve covered everything you need to know about talking head style video. Read on!


If you are ready to invest around $1000 for your video recording toy, I would recommend moving on to Sony’s Camcorders range. I have the Sony HDR XR 550E model which is a great camera with hard disk and steady shot. Last time I checked, this camera is not available in the market right now and Sony has upgraded their range of camera to a new series. The nearest equivalent now is the Sony HDR-XR550V 240GB High Definition HDD Handycam. When you buy such a camera, you can use it for your business projects as well as for personal use such as vacations – and write off the camera buying expense as business expense!

If you are just starting out but need something better than a phone’s camera, I would recommend the Kodak Zi8. The camera costs a little less than $450 and I can bet that you wouldn’t get such high quality recording at such a low price point anywhere else. You would have already heard me say that audio quality defines half the video quality.

DSLR Camera

DSLRs are capable of producing such videos because of the larger lens which have lower aperture value (f value). The lower the f value, the more the background can be defocussed thus bringing more attention to the subject.

The camera comes with different sets of lenses and these lenses are replaceable depending on the requirement. If you want high zooming power, go for a larger mm lens like 55-250mm one. If you want more background defocusing, go for lens with low value.

Use the Microphone: 

If you are looking to buy a shotgun microphone, my recommendation would be the Rode VideoMic Directional Video Condenser Microphone which offers a good balance of quality and price.

The main reason why you would want to use a shotgun microphone is that you will not appear in front of the camera with a collar mic on your shirt. It would look better. Also you can save some time in editing the video because the camera takes care of the synchronization.


Use LED light setup for your videos. However, it is quite pricey but it gives the daylight like illumination and is very useful for recording videos outside of home and office.

Use teleprompt

Note that if you use a teleprompter to just read out the text without any facial expressions, the final video will turn out to be very bland. Instead I recommend using notes on the teleprompter instead of the exact script that you will be reading out. It is always better to speak from the heart than the mind. Post your videos on YouTube and try to get more views. If you have just handful of views after some days, in this case, buy YouTube likes and subscribers to get the desired results.


Talking head style of video are great but do not get overwhelmed by it. Remember not to be a perfectionist with talking head videos. Just record one and put it out there. You can never be perfect with it.