How many videos one should upload in a week on YouTube

YouTube an application where people can find their favourite movies, songs, shows and also find the reason to laugh, get motivated and gain a lot of knowledge about things. And who made these things possible to be on there. People like me and you. Who are putting all their efforts to for others to entertain to enhance their knowledge. And even if they are doing this to earn money. That should not be something called bad. They are putting there time, money, ideas and creativity to earn that money. Which is quiet fair to get paid for it. Either people are willingly watching their content or they’re buying YouTube views. If you are one of them, this is important to know how often you should upload your content on YouTube.


For audience to remain stick at your channel. This is your responsibility to take some actions. Don’t keep saying you will post something this week or next week. Be specific on your upload. So that those people who are following you would have known on this day at this time you post your content and they may just go and check it out. This would be more convenient for them.


Scheduled things always works better. Make a schedule on your YouTube channel posting. Either write in your bio or intro. This will eventually help newcomers to understand how often this person on his channel upload something. And for those consistent followers, it would be like a commitment you made with them. And breaking them will definitely disappoint them. So, the benefit scheduling provide is that pressure. That you have to do this thing or you will be responsible for the consequences. Which keep you more active.

Spare time:

Creating content, making it better than others, editing, and much more work is not a joke to do. All this work requires a lot of time sometimes even days of work. Therefore, you should have known in which day of the week you can manage to keep your uploading consistent.

Store the ideas:

Creativity is something that just pop up in your head anytime anywhere. It doesn’t mean that on this specific day you will be creative. But also you have to keep in your head the consistency you have to keep. So rather than whenever something pop up in your head and you let it go and waste it or make it into work and upload it. Just work on it and store it. Keep storing your ideas and upload them on the day you have decided fir yourself and your audience to watch it.


Make your gaols a little more realistic. Either copying someone’s time schedule or just to reach farther from other Youtuber don’t make your life a hell. Everyone have a different life. And before making any commitment with yourself or the audience. Make it sure how much time you have for YouTube. How much time it will take you to make good videos.