Can silent mice help reduce clicking noise without letting speed down?


Mouse that is used to operate your computer becomes quite irritating for people who need to focus on their work. Quite a pretty noise can be created when more than one mouse is being used at one time. The solution to this problem is a quiet mouse also called a silent mouse.


There are some features of a silent mouse that can help reduce the noise of clicking up to 90%  and surprisingly speed is not affected at all. These characteristics make it possible. This includes:


Instead of an optical model, a mechanical encoder is used by the quiet mouse in an attempt to decrease the sound.


Vibrations must be damped which is why rubber initiators are used. This slows down the sound of the mechanical functions of the buttons on the mouse. This involves the striking of two plastic surfaces. The process works similarly as  that in the construction of a keyboard.

Gliding feet

Plastic lumber material is used in the gliding seat of the quiet a mouse that does not produce any kind of clunking sound when you try to move the mouse without a mouse pad.

In fact without any kind of annoyance you will feel an enhance in your click per second.

Space filling

Mice of the computer are usually empty from inside which is why they make loud sounds but in order to decrease the sound you can always add plastic ribs inside it near the button.

Additional features:

There are some additional features that you must keep in mind if you want to take care of your speed. Some of the features include

wired vs wireless

Wireless mouse is better as compared to the wired one because it saves you from the problem of changing batteries or recharging the mouse.


Additional buttons can help you change DPI sensitivity and you can also move forward and back from the present page. Other than that the right and left buttons along with scrolling wheel are already available on the mouse.


Avail the mouse that best fits your hand in order to do your work comfortably even if you are left handed.


There is an interval that ranges from 125 hertz to 1000 hertz present between when you move your mouse and when the movement actually takes place on the screen. That interval is known as polling.

Be it a noisy mouse or a quiet mouse, all the features that have to be changed are present inside the mouse which does not affect your clicking speed at all. Instead if you take a silent mouse, you won’t be annoyed or irritated with the sound of clicking and in fact will feel speed in your click per second.