5 Best Places to visit in Casablanca

When it comes to exploring and traveling the first thing you consider is how many tourists attractions a particular place has. But sometimes it is worth traveling to a city that may have fewer tourists’ attractions and sights as you may find gems if you delve a little deeper. Casablanca is indeed one of those cities that are full of history and magnificent architecture. There are many things in the city that can keep an average traveler busy for a few days. So, if you are heading to Morocco, you should definitely visit Casablanca to explore some splendid places there.

Add Casablanca to your Morocco itinerary:

Casablanca is a city of Morocco that is the home to the primary international airport and the largest city in Morocco. Economically and demographically Casablanca is one of the most important cities in Africa. Also, it is one of the largest finical centers in the region. It is interesting to know that it is the chief port of Morocco. It means Casablanca is an important city economically.

It is true that there are not much tourist attractions in the city. However, it is worth staying at least for one night if you ever come to Morocco. Below are given a few tourists attractions in Casablanca that are worth visiting. You will not be disappointed to see the places discussed below:

  1. Hassan II Mosque:

You are in Casablanca, then start your discovery by visiting the second largest mosque in the world “Hassan II Mosque.” It is located at a platform overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. When you pray in the mosque, it feels like you are directly praying on the sea. The Hassan II mosque was completed in the year 1993 and had the capacity to accommodate up to 25000 worshipers.  It has a glass floor which makes it a beautiful piece of architecture. The mosque also has a spacious courtyard that can accommodate 80,000 people.

Non-Muslims can also visit the mosque through guided tours.  The western entrance is opened several times a day to allow the non-Muslims to visit this magnificent mosque.

  1. Ain Diab:

The next place in Casablanca that you should visit is the Ain Diab. Have you ever heard the name before? It is a place also known as the place where the rich come to swim. It is a sandy beach that becomes a pleasant place for tourists in summer. If you are planning to go there then remember that it remains crowded in summer. If you are coming in winters then water is too cold to swim.

  1. Morocco Mall:

Tourists need to shop along with visiting different places. If you are in Casablanca and looking for a mall to shop something, then visit Morocco mall that is located at the end of La Corniche region. There is an extensive range of shops in the mall where you can buy whatever you want to. The tourists will find plenty of food options in the Morocco Mall.

To give a traditional touch, there is an indoor market in the mall as well. If you are looking for something great other than shopping in the mall, then check out the indoor aquarium. It has a small shark in the aquarium. Indoor ice skating and a fairground make the Morocco mall a place worth visiting. When you are in the mall, you can’t afford to miss the fountain display.

  1. Museum of Moroccan Judaism:

You are interested in seeing the daily life of Jews, their tradition and history then the Museum of Moroccan Judaism is the perfect place. It is the only Jewish museum in the Arab world where the Jewish civilization is exhibited through ornaments, paintings, and clothing, etc. It shows the Jewish lifestyle in Morocco. Museum of Moroccan Judaism will be, without a doubt, an exciting place to visit.

  1. The old Medina:

Visiting the old places and cities is always fascinating. Many people spend money only to visit historical and old places as they find a charm in it. You are one of those who want to discover the charm behind the old walls of the city, then visit Old Medina. It will be so fascinating to see the kids running in the old streets. You will see men smoking in the café’s and discussing different things. It will be good to experience the peace of daily life in the old Medina. There are old bazaars as well where you can find traditional items.

Final verdict:

Who does not love traveling? There are billions of attractive places around the globe that have a lot of things for visitors. But visiting Casablanca will also be a great experience which you will never forget. The city has a charm on it that attracts the people. No matter you are going to Morocco for business or something else; find at least one day to visit Casablanca.