CLOT x Playboy Condoms “Play Safe” T-Shirt


From the likes of Disney, Levi’s and Medicom Toy, CLOT has worked with some big names over it’s existance. Here we see them working with yet another big name in a more risque business. Teaming up with the folks at Playboy Condoms the brands have created a new t-shirt to help educate teens on sensitive issues of safe sex, teenage pregnancy, abortion, and other sex related misfortunes that a growing number of teens encounter these days. The special t-shirt features the words “Play Safe” on the chest made up in Playboy Condom wrappers. The tee also features a hidden pocket to carry a Playboy condom, so that no one makes any foolish mistakes. If you want the shirt you will have to be overseas though as it is now available this weekend at JUICE Hong Kong only.

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