10 Things people love to eat in China

China is one of the most fascinating places in the world. From having a very rich history to emerging as one of the most powerful economic superpowers, the country has become the most talked about nation worldwide. It has a lot of historic places that catch the eye of people globally. Added to this, the food that is consumed in China is also a very interesting topic.

There is great diversity when it comes to the food consumed by the Chinese people. They are food lovers who prefer not just flavor but also quality. Here are the top 10 things that people love to eat in China.

  1. Covered Rice

Covered rice has been translated from the Chinese word Gaifan. It the dish comes in a single serving and consists of a portion of rice along with either vegetable and meat.

  1. Sweet and sour pork

Sweet and sour pork is a very famous dish in China. It is fried in a batter that is in a doughy batter. This is done so as to hinder the taste of the dish. The pork is lightly fried and then dressed with a delicious sauce that gives it a distinct flavor.

  1. Dumplings

Dumplings are loved in China to such an extent that are whole restaurants that are only devoted to the making of different types of dumplings. The variety is due to the availability of diverse fillings such as pork, shrimps, beef, vegetables, fish and many more. The best dumplings are accompanied by cucumber and scrambled eggs that add to the flavor of the dish. What makes this dish stand out is that it is highly loved during the holiday seasons.

  1. Roasted Duck

Roasted duck is a mouthwatering dish that comes from the famous city of Beijing. The duck is cooked in such a unique manner that the skin remains thin and crispy while the inside is rich in flavor and succulent. Having it with sweet bean sauce and spring onions add to the incredible taste.

  1. Chinese Barbecue

Summer months are the most enjoyable ones. The season brings with itself tons of Chinese barbecue. These smoky delights are loved by people and not to be missed.

  1. Stinky tofu

Here is another dish that people in China have a great fondness for. This dish gets its name from the potent smell of the dish but the flavor is totally different from the name.

  1. Mooncakes

Chinese mooncakes are very famous and highly admired. They come around the holiday seasons and are filled with appetizing fillings.


  1. Dan Dan Noodles

Dan dan noodles are spicy noodles that are regarded as comfort food by the people of China. Dressed in a super spicy sauce, a single bowl of these noodles makes a person feel the fire that is packed inside them.

  1. Chinese Hamburger

People in China without a doubt love to eat the special Chinese hamburger. The buns are stone-oven cooked and filled with very palatable filling.

  1. Beef Noodles

It is a simple yet toothsome dish that is found very commonly all around China. The recipes may vary from place to place but the dish is loved by all.